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The Tipton Blacksmith Shop and the Redbird


Moonlight Over Sparks Lane

Midnight Dream

Hyatt Lane in Cades Cove

There is no place on earth more peaceful and serene than winter in Cades Cove after a heavy snow. Even when hiking in the snow alone at night (which I have done many times) I never feel anything but an effortless and natural connection with the Creator that cannot be fully experienced in a manmade house of worship on any Sunday.

When the snow is deep enough the scene is completely dominated by a pure white blanket that covers everything. The addition of a single red-feathered cardinal really brings the scene to life. Footprints of mountain critters canít be ignored and are fun to add in these paintings.

Tourists usually plan their vacations and trips to the Smokies during certain peak spring, summer or fall months. They are missing some of the best mountain experiences by foregoing a visit in the dead of winter. I have often hiked for many miles in the snow and never see another human being. The snowy days can be bright and sunny, or overcast and blustery Ė either way provides happy adventures. But the footprints and hoof prints of rabbits, turkeys, coyotes, deer and even bears are easy to find. And finding oneís true soul is a little easier here too.



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